Guides To Buy Cannabis Seeds

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience when purchasing cannabis seeds, it is essential to stay informed about seed banks that offer reliable shipping services to your specific location. Our aim is to minimize the chances of encountering any shipping or customs-related problems and ensure that your seeds are delivered promptly. We consistently update this information to provide you with the latest details, making your shopping experience easier and keeping you well-informed.

Here are our trusted and recommended seed banks based on different locations:

  1. United States: We highly recommend ILGM, which ships from California, and Herbies USA Express. These seed banks offer fast delivery, typically within 2-5 days.
  2. Canada: For customers in Canada, we trust Herbies Seeds and Crop King Seeds. Both of these seed banks ship from within Canada, ensuring reliable and efficient service.
  3. UK and Europe: If you are located in the UK or Europe, we recommend Herbies Seeds, which ships from Spain, and MSNL, based in the United Kingdom. These seed banks provide reliable and timely delivery.
  4. Australia & New Zealand: For customers in Australia and New Zealand, our recommendation is Herbies Seeds, which ships from Spain. They have a track record of secure and successful shipping.
  5. Thailand: Customers in Thailand can rely on Herbies Seeds, shipping from Spain, and MSNL, based in the United Kingdom, for their cannabis seed needs.
  6. South America (and the rest of the world): For customers in South America and other parts of the world, we suggest using Herbies Seeds, shipping from Spain, and MSNL, based in the United Kingdom. These seed banks have a reputation for reliable international shipping.

We have carefully selected and trust these seed banks to ensure a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience, with the seeds reaching your desired destination in a timely manner and without any complications.

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