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Black Domina Feminized Cannabis strain stands out from other Indica strains of marijuana. The reason behind this is not only that it outperforms them in the aforementioned characteristics. But, it is also the thing for the depth of its
unearthly green. Sometimes plants may also appear a beautiful black which is dependent on the lighting.

Not only do the leaves display this exceptional pigmentation. But, the buds are equally dark. Sometimes these buds are streaked with dark mauve & these are always dotted with bright orange pistils. Along with this, these are covered with a sparkling layer of trichomes.

Why should you purchase Black Domina Cannabis Seeds?

  • Black Domina cannabis seeds possess an abundant amount of resin
  • These hold large buds
  • These Black Domina are having short flowering time
  • Black Domina is widely popular for serving with great yields


The creation of Black Domina was done from the four best-known Indica’s. It is a virtually pure Indica blend of Afghani * Northern Lights * Hash Plant * Ortega. This carefully selected blend has achieved a result that is even more unique than the sum of its parts that is a 95% Indica. unlike its parents, these plants are feminized and fast-flowering.

The breeders have taken the Northern Lights as their starting point. It is one of the finest Indicas and these are appreciated for its sufficient resin production. After that, they have crossed it with a somewhat lesser popular marijuana strain, Ortega. Ortega is a descendant of Northern Lights, which has retained its pain-relieving, euphoric, and soporific qualities from her parents.

After that breeders have turned out to be another strain that is the Hash plant. This Hash Plant is also extremely reliable and generous in the production of its resin. The high yield of Black Domina Feminized and its short flowering period are some of the qualities that are derived by the Hash Plant. At last, a carefully chosen Afghan cultivar which is widely popular as “SA” was then added to this Indica cocktail for serving it with its final touch: firm and robust, cylindrical colas.

Growing Black Domina Cannabis Plants (Indoor & Outdoor)

When it comes to the growth of Black Domina plants, you can expect to get the compact plants that tend to do the production of a huge central cola. It is the case unless you top your marijuana plants or you intervene in their development.

The flowering time of Black Domina is short, and these are standing at around 50 days. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, naturally these plants thrive wonderfully in a warm Mediterranean climate where the days of summer are long.

When cloning was frequently in practice in the past, regular Black Domina was the ideal candidate for this kind of technique. The feminized version of these seeds does the fulfillment of numerous similar criteria. These facilitate growers for getting only females along with consistent harvests of the top-quality weed.

Flowering Time

Black Domina Feminized Cannabis plants are having a very short flowering period that is of just 8-9 weeks.

Plant Height

If you are growing these outside the maximum size indoors is 70cm & 120cm. So, it is easy to do the management of Black Domina if stealthiness or space are considerations.

Yield From Black Domina Feminized Strain

The 95% Indica comes with qualities that in turn make it exceptional and it ensures that even beginner growers of marijuana can get good harvests. And if you are a more experienced gardener, then you will be easily capable of obtaining even better crops.

However, even new growers of marijuana will be capable of achieving satisfying yields of highly potent and delicious buds. When Black Domina has firstly hit the market in 1996, numerous people have started to grow these, and still, they haven’t stopped. It is an idolized marijuana strain that is the subject of a cult following.

When you are growing these plants indoors, then you can expect a maximum of 400 to 500 gm/m2. On the other hand, if you are growing these plants outdoors, then you can expect a maximum of 450 to 650 gm/m2.

You should never underestimate the strength of a lady, particularly when it is a Domina! Consumers and farmers all give appraisal to its incredible soporific power, which some people describe as narcotic!

Black Domina marijuana seeds are an excellent choice for a person who is in search of a consistent, bountiful harvest that serves with relief from sleepiness, pain, and muscle tension. This marijuana strain is not reommended for use at the time of day unless you are making plans for a whole day’s relaxation!

Side Effects

If you are a new user of marijuana, then you must take care. The reason is that Black Domina is a highly potent strain that comes with noted soporific tendencies. After smoking Black Domina, the desire of sleeping might be extremely
overwhelming to ignore. But, of course, this might serve you with a positive effect on those people who are doing struggle for relaxing.

There are also some other typical side effects of this strain, which are mainly dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness. The powerful Indica effects of this Black Domina strain make it perfect for use at the time of night. This in turn makes it beneficial particularly for those who are suffering from insomnia.

The aroma of Black Domina has more flavorful effects than sour or sweet. This unusual strain Black Domina comes with strong notes of blackberry and black pepper. All these are enveloped in a taste of dark hashish. This strain was named Black Domina in part. The reason is its distinctive bouquet that is widely popular for affecting fragrance and flavor. Connoisseurs of this strain will recognize its earthy Afghan base notes Rather, black domina is that strain which once you have tasted it, then you can instantly recognize it.

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