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Are you desired of growing a fantastic hybrid? Then, you must not be surprised by this relatively unknown but unprecedented plant: the Blackjack!

It is a pity that Blackjack is highly underappreciated. The Blackjack Feminized Marijuana seeds show all the characteristics of a highly balanced hybrid. They used to grow into healthy and powerful plants along with intense and earthy flavors, intoxicating highs, and good yields.

Why Should You Purchase Blackjack Cannabis Seeds?

  • Blackjack feminized cannabis seeds are extremely easy to grow
  • These plants take less than nine weeks to flower
  • This blackjack strain is spicy, earthy, and citrus flavor profile

Growing Blackjack Feminized Cannabis Seeds (Indoors & Outdoors)

Blackjack is applicable virtually for any grower and the classification of it is done as relatively easy to grow. The BlackJack Feminized marijuana seeds apply to both indoor & outdoor cultivation. Along with this, it gives a better response to training methods, for instance, SCROG and SOG.

Here, sufficient warmth and light are extremely crucial for getting good outcomes. A bit of extra help from a greenhouse might be a good idea if you are living somewhere with short and cool summers.

Blackjack feminized marijuana seeds will grow into beautiful large roundish cannabis plants during their growth phase with bright green leaves and fine stature. When the phase of flowering arrives, you will see that the plant rapidly transitions to the development of buds that over time overflow with resin.

Flowering Time

Relatively Blackjack comes with a short flowering time. This time lasts for a minimum of 8 & a maximum of 9 weeks which is approximately 56 to 63 days. Your plants will become ready for harvesting in October when these are grown outdoors in Northern Hemisphere.

Plant Height

The 50% Indica & 50% Sativa ratio of Blackjack feminized results in a marijuana plant that comes with an extremely manageable height. This in turn makes Blackjack strain perfect for indoor growing. However, outdoors these plants can grow a bit large.

  • Indoors height 130 cm to 170 cm
  • Outdoors height 180 cm to 270 cm

Blackjack Yield

You can enhance your chances of an optimal harvest during the vegetative phase by carefully applying nutrients by making use of the Sea of Green method. When you are growing these plants indoors you can get the maximum yield that is between 400-500 gm/m2. Usually, the outdoor yields are better and growers are facilitated to do the harvesting up to 500-700 gm/m2.


The highs of Blackjack are extraordinary with its perfect ratio of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This mix does the production of an ideal effect on the body, mood, mind, and appetite.

Blackjack is a highly potent weed and boasts a high THC content which may reach up to 21%. Usually, its CBD content is around 0.6%.

The effects of these weeds are anything, but sleep-inducing. But these will make you feel highly relaxed. Simultaneously, you will come to have the experience of euphoric effects, get motivated, and become talkative. The high lasts quiet for a very long period and therefore it is ideal for evening or daytime. Moreover, most often these weeds are used medicinally and these can serve you with relief from your anxiety, stress, and depressive feelings.

Side effects

You must prepare yourself for some serious “munchies”! You are recommended to stock up on snacks before you take a gamble with the Blackjack. Other side effects are inclusive of dry eyes and dry mouth. By the way, if you are a marijuana user then we recommend you to take it easy. After all, these weeds might be a bit overwhelming.

Taste & Smell

BlackJack always serves you with a pleasant smoke. Thanks to the inspired cross that is between Jock Horror & Black Domina. You will come to experience a sharp but pleasant citrus flavor that comes with an aromatic pine scent. Other features are inclusive of a strong earthy flavor. The smoke is so thick and rich. It looks a bit like incense which is used in a church.


The creation of Black Jack was done by crossing the Black Domina & Jock Horror. Blackjack strain has won numerous awards over the years. These are inclusive of the Argentine Outdoor Cata Cup of Marijuana Cultivators (CCCC) in 2012. And in the year 2014, the indoor Hydro Prize in Catalonia.

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